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Canyon Community Bank has partnered with Granite Payment Alliance to offer our customers a merchant solution.

Granite Payment Alliance offers a complete range of credit card services for businesses of all shapes and sizes from restaurants and small retailers to Internet companies, hotels and nationwide organizations. We support a wide variety of terminal, printer and PIN pad combinations, as well as the latest in Internet-based products and voice authorization & capture.

Granite Payment Alliance also specializes in working with financial institutions. Community Banks, Savings and Loan Associations and Credit Unions can choose the level of service they want and expand their portfolio utilizing our wide range of payment solutions and industry leading customer support.

To the Granite team, the concept of providing excellent service means supporting Canyon Community Bank’s clients’ every need. They strive to improve our merchant's operating efficiency, expand profitability, manage risk, and simply make themselves accessible to address questions from our merchants and financial partners at any time.

Choosing the right merchant processing program with Granite Payment Alliance and integrating it with the services you already offer makes good business sense. With Granite Payment Alliance you can rest assured that you and your customers are receiving ROCK SOLID service

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